These are meditation classes in English with focus on learning meditation and self-regulation techniques, and using these to help with overcoming stress.

The sessions are led by Sebastiaan van der Velden. Sebastiaan has over 20 years of experience with various meditation and self-regulation techniques. He is a licensed HeartMath practitioner, helping people with stress and anxiety, as well as those that have experienced or are experiencing trauma.

Each session consists of a talk whereafter we do a guided meditation with focus on stress relief and deep states of relaxation.

Schedule for 2023

Location: Steinbua
Steinvågvegen 60
6005 Ålesund

Price: NOK80,-
Register by using VIPSS and sending NOK80,- to number 41042391 . If you don't have VIPPS, send an SMS to 41042391 or use our contact form.

On the following dates

Date Time Spots left
June 3 17:30-18:30 10
TBD 17:30-18:30 10