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Enjoy the recording of our live HBC meditation session that we do every Monday. A great way to keep practicing this wonderful and very beneficial meditation and self-regulation technique.

In this talk, Seb will discus the Ego and how turning down the volume of our Ego can be a better solution than dissolving it completely.

We have the recording of our latest Heart-Brain Coherence session ready for you again to enjoy. A short meditation to improve your immune system and increase resilience.

As some countries are slowly opening up again, so does the urge to return to a way of living that is exactly as before. In today's meditation talk, Seb will give you some examples of where this is clearly showing so you know what to look out for and say no to. Because now is the time to not let yourself be taken advantage of no longer. Now it is your time to set your foot down and be the change you want to see in the world.

Join us as we continue our Heart-Brain Coherence practice for increased resilience and that lovely immune system boost.