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What does it actually mean? To be with the flow of the Universe. How does it feel? How to be in that flow? Transformation Guide Seb will answer these questions in this podcast and he will take you on a little journey through a guided meditation. This podcast was recorded live March 4 while broadcasting to Second Life, Podbean and Discord.

The recording of our weekly Heart-Brain Coherence session. Join Seb online to practice and learn more about this easy and powerful technique for increasing resilience and giving a boost to your immune system.

In this almost bi-weekly podcast, we get to experience a guided meditation aimed for protection. This podcast was recorded live online in Second Life and on Discord.

Welcome to our weekly live Heart-Brain Coherence Meditation with Transformation Guide Seb. Creating Heart-Brain coherence boosts your immune system and increases resilience.

Because of the Corona-virus being on many people's minds. Seb will go a bit more in-depth on the effects of the HBC-meditation technique on our immune system. He also highly recommends making this mediation at least a part of your everyday morning routine.

Enjoy this session, which was recorded live in Second Life, Discord and Podbean.